Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wedding Beauty Tips | How to Keep Your Skin Beautiful on a Destination Wedding Trip

Destination Weddings and Travel Beauty Tips for Brides

If you are planning a lovely destination wedding in a perfect resort island, or an exotic location in a never-been-there before country, chances are you will get there by an airplane.

Most brides have their hands full as it is with planning for their weddings on home ground, so a bride can only imagine what stress she'd undergo with a destination wedding on the cards.

This article focuses on how to take care of your facial skin while traveling to your destination wedding so that you look as radiant as you should on your wedding day. As we all know, air travel can make us look like zombies when we finally disembark from a plane. This is because many people are not able to rest well on flights. Coupled with bad preparation, lack of knowledge on skin care essentials, this could be a recipe for disaster for a bride's dream wedding. If you don't want to end up looking like a zombie bride on your destination wedding, read on!

1) Moisturise, Stay Hydrated While on Plane

Airplanes are notoriously famous for dehyrating the skin. Remove your makeup once you are on the plane, and apply moisturiser and lip balm. Avoid caffienated drinks, instead drink lots of water and juice to stay hydrated. This helps prevents chapped lips.

Besides cream-based moisturisers, it may be a good idea to pack additional hydrating beauty products, such as facial masks, spritzes and body and hand creams.

And don't worry if you are afraid of bringing on board heavy luggage. If you require more creams and lotions than can be held by the pithy 100ml containers allowed under the current air travel liquid, aerosal and gel (LAG) regulations, may want to pick up their beauty supplies at the airport. Purchases made inside the terminal are packed in security tamper-evident bags that allows them to be taken onboard.

Also, you may be able to purchase brands and items which are exclusive to travellers at the duty-free outlets, where prices can be up to 40 percent cheaper than they are elsewhere!

2) Pack Sunscreen

Always use a sunscreen with an SPF of 50 in climates where the sun is harsh. This is absolutely important if you are planning a destination wedding at a beach resort. Imagine chilling out the day under the sun before your wedding without adequate sunscreen protection in a hot and humid climate. The possible disaster scenarios could have the skin underneath your eyes burnt to a crisp, and red and inflammed skin elsewhere.

Cooler and dry climates can also affect the skin leading to dryness and itchy rashes. Always moisturise after a long day outdoors.

3) Lighten up your makeup in sunny and warm climates

In climates with high humidty and heat, it is advisable to lighten up your makeup so as to prevent break-outs. Be sure to maintain a careful cleansing routine while avoiding heavier skincare and make-up. Switch to a lightweight moisturiser, and use waterproof mascara or a light liquid blusher for a touch of color on those days just before the wedding.

The above tips will help keep your face radiant, clean and clear, and ready for the big wedding day.

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