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Wedding Gown Design Styles With Long Sleeves

I have always loved the elegance of Victorian-era wedding gowns and dresses. The wedding gowns then were usually designed to be modest in look, so that the bride exuded a demure beauty and grace that were becoming of brides in that time period. Overt sexy looks were not in fashion, and considered to be cheap! As an example take a look the what Queen Elizabeth of Englang wore at her wedding - a wedding gown that can still be considered beautiful in this day and age.

However, modern brides today want to look great (that is, overtly sexy) - and hence the off- shoulder gowns, the corset waisted styles and the fitted fishtail skirt designs are all in rage in many bridal gown shops. That leaves little options for the brides seeking a more modest, yet beautiful wedding gown.

I took some time to search the Internet for beautiful wedding gowns that are modest (long-sleeved or full skirts for instance) yet modernized enough to look elegant and not frumpy. I call them my Victorian-inspired and Medieval-inspired wedding gowns! :)

I hope you are inspired by these wedding gown picks.

High Collared Wedding Gown

This one has a high collar, with inspired with a jacket design that isn't really a jacket. The sleeves are three quartered length with a full A-line skirt. Simple, smart looking wedding gown.

Medieval-Inspired Wedding Gown

I really like this one because it is unique. It is very simple, yet elegant. And it also comes with a beautiful cover-up hooded golden gown! Perfect for a theme wedding based on medieval times.

Two Piece Wedding Gown

I like the idea of having a two piece wedding gown. A simple white A-line dress inside, and an elaborate heavy lace top piece with a long train. I would like to make the sleeves three quartered though, would make it look better, in my view.

Flowing Long Sleeved Wedding Gown

This one is perfect for a bohemian themed wedding ceremony. It gives a feeling of a brode that is so light, flowing and happy. A young bride would certainly look great in this piece. The sleeves at the elbow area are cut in a way so that it almost flows into the long gown itself. Absolutely beautiful dress.

Full skirted Wedding Gown

Long sleeved laced wedding gown with a colored band around the torso. The skirt is full and reminiscent of the Victorian-era wedding gowns. The embroidered edgework around the hemline of the skirt also makes this piece beautiful.

Click here to view more modest wedding dress designs:

Modest Wedding Dress Designs

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Blogger Estela Carri said...

Hi... nice article... I'm getting married this year, and i was lookin for a wedding gown with long sleeves. Do you know where can i find the Full skirted Wedding Gown? because i just love that one!!

February 11, 2009 at 2:58 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Just like Estela, I would love to know who the designer is fo the Full Skirted Wedding Gown.

March 20, 2009 at 5:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lea Salonga's wedding dress looks exactly the same as that. It was designed by Monique Lhuiller...

October 26, 2009 at 12:48 AM  
Blogger gipsyrose said...

Hello! I found a picture of a dress on google that doesn't seem to be on your site anymore. It's a white long sleeved wedding dress (green/blueish background, girl looking down holding one pink flower) I wwas wondering if you could send me a larger picture, or if you could tell me where you found the dress? It's just perfect and I need it! :) Thank you. Kind regards :)

October 19, 2010 at 5:55 AM  

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