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Wedding Proposal Ideas - Proposing While on Vacation

If you are planning on asking your girlfriend to get married, there is one idea guaranteed to get the response you desire. That is, proposing to her while the two of you are on holiday in a romantic destination. This is what wedding planners call the "destination proposal". There is nothing more romantic than being away from your usual environment, being together and alone in your own corner of the world, be it in an isolated New Hampshire cabin two hours away from the city, or on an island in another part of the world. Furthermore, the very idea of being on vacation makes even the simplest proposal memorable.

There are two ways you can go about planning adestination proposal. The first way is that she already knows about the holiday trip, but she is unaware that you will be proposing while on the trip. The second way is to totally surprise her by planning a quick weekend getaway - trip to Manhatten, California, Florida or even Paris or London! This might be more difficult to pull off, but the awe factor is definitely bigger.

Here are some tips that will help you plan a successful destination marriage, wedding proposal!

When She Does Not Know About the Trip

Pick a destination that is not too far away, relatively easy to get too. You do not want to travel long for an impromptu getaway - your girlfriend may not like that too much. You may even think about plannig a one night luxury hotel in a different city, or little romatic town will suffice. If she is a nature lover, a ski resort might be the perfect place, or a little town out of the city. If she is a romantic, you can take her to luxury hotel in a city, or for a quick getaway in London or Paris.

Before your intended day of departure, make sure that her schedule is clear. Ask her best friend, or colleague about any upcoming engagements that require her presence. But do not spread the word to more than one or two persons, becauase the more people who knows, the more likely your girlfriend will hear of it.

You may want to pack her bags for her. This may prove the hardest part because no matter how well you know your girlfriend, there will be items that she would, or particular clothes that she would like to being along, which you are not aware of. You can give her an advanced notice - be it half an hour before the trip, or an a few hours. but if you really want to pack for her, then get help from her best girlfriend or her mother!

When She Knows About the Trip

Do all necessary preparations before you depart for the trip. Do not wait until you arrive at your destination to plan the specifics of your wedding proposal. Make sure you do advance research to find the perfect place to make the wedding proposal. You can try calling the hotel's concierge to help you make dinner reservations at the most romantic restaurant at the destination, choose the best stretch of sand for a seaside-at-sunset wedding proposal, and order her favorite flowers for your room. At some of the high-end hotel resorts, there are actually romance coordinators who will help you come up with with the perfect wedding proposal.

Pack the ring, you may think this is trivial, but not doing so propoerly can end up ruining your surprise. For instance, if you will be boarding a plane, pack the ring in your carry-onluggage, and do not carry it in your pockets. This will prevent the airport security people from detecting the ring as you walk through the security. You do not want to havwe to remove the ring from your pocket in view of your girlfriend! Your carry-on should be loosely filled with nonsuspicious items. Think sweaters and a paperback book; not toiletries, pocket knives, or electronics that might trigger the screeners. And don't put the ring in a ring box -- if you do get called for a closer check and the security guard starts tossing your stuff, you're better off having the ring in a nondescript medium-sized box.

Now that you are on your way to your detination, you just have to let the suspense build. Anticipation is the key. Your girlfriend may be hoping that something is up - she may hope for a ring, but doesn't know for sure. You do not want to blurt it out while driving or flying to your destination. But you can be extra attentive to her without revealing the plan. Try not to propose on the night you arrive to your destination - let her anticipate the proposal, but also do not wait until the last day of trip to do it. She'll start to wonder if there is a proposal coming and might get upset waiting too long for it to come!

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