Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Great Wedding Hairstyle Ideas for Your Big Day

Most brides like to do a standard wedding updo hairstyle. But there are many variations you can do to the standard wedding updo hairstyle - you can add elaborate curls, a traditional Audrey Hepburn styled high bun, accessorize with a flower crown, crystals, or fresh flowers. And when you have long, thick hair, you can also leave it down.

I have compiled a few wedding hairstyle looks that I found, which are appealing in different ways. Hopefully, you will be inspired by these ideas so you can incorporate them into your own wedding!

Traditional Updo Hairstyle with Crystal Hair Accessory

I like this simple wedding updo hairstyle. The hair is curled and then pinned up showing the magnificent curls. This is a cool way of keeping your hair up, but more fashionable than the traditional tight bun. This is also an elegant look for your formal wedding dinner. This wedding hairstyle will work best with medium length hair. If your hair is long and thick, the curls may not keep in place, so a different hairstyle would be more appropriate.

Traditional Updo Hairstyle with Flowers

This is another updo style, with elaborate braiding accessorized with a few baby's breath flowers.

Long Wedding Hairstyles

Long hairstyles are the favorites of most brides because they add an elegance to a wedding ceremony. Long hair worn straight down can be good for a bohemian wedding. If you have short hair but you want a long wedding hairstyle or an updo, then you can let you hair grow before your wedding day or opt to use hair extensions.


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Monday, July 28, 2008

Choosing the Right Makeup and Hairdo Based on Your Wedding Theme and Venue

An important aspect of wedding planning is the choice of a wedding theme. The wedding theme will aid you in selecting the perfect complementary gown or outfit for your wedding day. The choice of your makeup and hairdo is also dependent on the wedding theme. You will want something that will ideally blend with your wedding’s overall theme. So what excatly does it mean by wedding theme? Well, wedding theme is simply the overall scheme that includes the venue, the makeup and color choices, and the bride's personal style. Of course, whatever you pick should all be go well with the look of her husband-to-be!

Getting your makeup to be complementary to your overall wedding theme is not as simple as you may think. It is affected by factors, such as the theme and venue of the wedding.

Below are some important things to consider when choosing your makeup and wedding venue:

If You are Throwing a Garden Wedding Party...

You should always use natural colors for your base makeup. The focus colors should be fresh and uplifting, such as natural peach for the lips with a glossy effect, and pale lime-green for the eye shadow.

You can have flowers in your hair, or a flower crown. You can also set your hair naturally with natural hair blow and use a small band around the hair.

If You Are Throwing a Poolside Wedding Party

You should use foundation and powder that matches your natural skin colour and use bright colours like hot pink matte for the lips. Apply a pale crème for the eye shadow and finish the look with a shimmering loose powder around the face and neck.

Get a simple hairdo, such as ponytails with some small details like a single white rose.

If You Are Throwing an Indoor Wedding Party

Try to play up the glamor and elegance effect. You can try experimenting with gold and solid colours. To keep up with current trends, you may want to try bright red for the lips and gold for the eye shadow. Use shimmering gold loose powder as a finishing touch.

For the hairdo, you can create an elegant French twist without too much details, or a glamorous twist with a touch of crystal or pearl accessories.

In summary, keep in mind that the perfect look of the bride depends on the wedding theme, so decide on the wedding's theme as soon as you can, and be prepared to dazzle everyone on your big day!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Nighttime Beauty Regime For a Beautiful Bride

Wedding Beauty Tips

We all want to look young and beautiful on our wedding days, but how many of us really make the necessary effort to take care of ourselves? These nighttime beauty regimes will help you look your best on your wedding day. You should also continue these beauty tips after your wedding to ensure that you continue to look young, healthy and radiant!


Cleansing your face before going to bed is essential for removing any dirt you many have picked up during the day.

Nighttime is the right time to apply any face treatment. At night your skin will not be exposed to the sunlight, air pollution or any bacteria-ridden particles that might be present in the air. Your skin also repairs itself at night by replacing dead skin cells with fresh new ones. Making sure your skin absorbs enough nutrients during the night is vital. It will revitalize your facial skin and works wonders on skin that has been exposed to all the dirt and grime of the daytime. You should also apply the treatment to your arms and neck area.

Importance of Exfoliation

Walnut scrub is ideal for oily skin. Make sure you scrub your face in circular motions and wash with cold water. For those with sensitive or dry skin, use baby oil or wet cleansing pads, followed by a night cream.

Our skin is always generating new skin cells at the dermis layer and sending them to the surface (the epidermis). As the cells rise to the surface they gradually die and become filled with keratin.

The keratinized skin cells are essential. They give our skin its protective quality. But they are constantly sloughing off to make way for younger cells.

And as we age the cell turnover process slows down. Cells start to pile up unevenly on the skin's surface, giving it a dry, rough, dull appearance. Exfoliation is beneficial because it removes those dead cells that are clinging on, revealing the fresher, younger skin cells below.

However, it is possible to overexfoliate, especially on the facial skin where it is usually more delicate. Overexfoliating will dry and irritate the skin. So be gentle when you exfoliate.



Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wedding Proposal Ideas - Proposing While on Vacation

If you are planning on asking your girlfriend to get married, there is one idea guaranteed to get the response you desire. That is, proposing to her while the two of you are on holiday in a romantic destination. This is what wedding planners call the "destination proposal". There is nothing more romantic than being away from your usual environment, being together and alone in your own corner of the world, be it in an isolated New Hampshire cabin two hours away from the city, or on an island in another part of the world. Furthermore, the very idea of being on vacation makes even the simplest proposal memorable.

There are two ways you can go about planning adestination proposal. The first way is that she already knows about the holiday trip, but she is unaware that you will be proposing while on the trip. The second way is to totally surprise her by planning a quick weekend getaway - trip to Manhatten, California, Florida or even Paris or London! This might be more difficult to pull off, but the awe factor is definitely bigger.

Here are some tips that will help you plan a successful destination marriage, wedding proposal!

When She Does Not Know About the Trip

Pick a destination that is not too far away, relatively easy to get too. You do not want to travel long for an impromptu getaway - your girlfriend may not like that too much. You may even think about plannig a one night luxury hotel in a different city, or little romatic town will suffice. If she is a nature lover, a ski resort might be the perfect place, or a little town out of the city. If she is a romantic, you can take her to luxury hotel in a city, or for a quick getaway in London or Paris.

Before your intended day of departure, make sure that her schedule is clear. Ask her best friend, or colleague about any upcoming engagements that require her presence. But do not spread the word to more than one or two persons, becauase the more people who knows, the more likely your girlfriend will hear of it.

You may want to pack her bags for her. This may prove the hardest part because no matter how well you know your girlfriend, there will be items that she would, or particular clothes that she would like to being along, which you are not aware of. You can give her an advanced notice - be it half an hour before the trip, or an a few hours. but if you really want to pack for her, then get help from her best girlfriend or her mother!

When She Knows About the Trip

Do all necessary preparations before you depart for the trip. Do not wait until you arrive at your destination to plan the specifics of your wedding proposal. Make sure you do advance research to find the perfect place to make the wedding proposal. You can try calling the hotel's concierge to help you make dinner reservations at the most romantic restaurant at the destination, choose the best stretch of sand for a seaside-at-sunset wedding proposal, and order her favorite flowers for your room. At some of the high-end hotel resorts, there are actually romance coordinators who will help you come up with with the perfect wedding proposal.

Pack the ring, you may think this is trivial, but not doing so propoerly can end up ruining your surprise. For instance, if you will be boarding a plane, pack the ring in your carry-onluggage, and do not carry it in your pockets. This will prevent the airport security people from detecting the ring as you walk through the security. You do not want to havwe to remove the ring from your pocket in view of your girlfriend! Your carry-on should be loosely filled with nonsuspicious items. Think sweaters and a paperback book; not toiletries, pocket knives, or electronics that might trigger the screeners. And don't put the ring in a ring box -- if you do get called for a closer check and the security guard starts tossing your stuff, you're better off having the ring in a nondescript medium-sized box.

Now that you are on your way to your detination, you just have to let the suspense build. Anticipation is the key. Your girlfriend may be hoping that something is up - she may hope for a ring, but doesn't know for sure. You do not want to blurt it out while driving or flying to your destination. But you can be extra attentive to her without revealing the plan. Try not to propose on the night you arrive to your destination - let her anticipate the proposal, but also do not wait until the last day of trip to do it. She'll start to wonder if there is a proposal coming and might get upset waiting too long for it to come!

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