Sunday, June 29, 2008

How to Plan Your Wedding At Work

Planning Your Wedding at Work and Getting Away With It.

Regardless of what we think would be ideal, not all bride-to-bes have the luxury of taking time off work to plan their wedding. Whether you mean to or not, some of - and for some women, all - of your wedding will get planned during your work hours. The following article provides some tips on how you can best plan your wedding while balancing your work responsibilties.

1. Plan on your breaks. Whether that means hopping over to the baker for a cake tasting on your lunch break or making follow up calls during your twenty minute afternoon break. It’s your break, do what you want! *Note: If you plan right, a trip to the caterer for a tasting can double as your lunch!

2. Limit your planning time. Try not to check your email in the morning when you get to work because you might get sidetracked sending and answering wedding-related emails, and an hour or two will be gone before you know it! If you must do the planning right then and there, limit yourself to five or ten minutes, then get back to the real world and your job.

3. Take a personal day to plan and get things finished. Of course, you do not have to do it every week! But you would be surprised how much you can accomplish in a single day if you are productive. Look at it this way: you can spend one day getting ten to-do things crossed off your list, or, one hour every morning at work for the next month trying to plan, picking up where you left off the day before.

4. Don’t talk weddings at work. Even if you aren’t planning during work hours, people will think you are. Not to mention, you’ll drive the majority of the men nuts, anger a few women, and make the rest of the ladies jealous. So unless you work in the wedding and event planning industry, zip it while you’re on the clock!

5. Take the last few days leading up to your wedding off from work. You’ll still have a list a mile long of things to finish, and you can’t hardly focus on anything that doesn’t have to do with your wedding. Do your boss, your coworkers, and yourself a favor and give yourself a break! If you aren’t going to be productive at work, you might as well be productive doing wedding stuff!

Best of all, use your judgment. If you think you cannot manage to be planning while you’re working, don’t try!

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